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Educational Services Commission of New Jersey

We at Scoles Floorshine Industries are pleased to announce our formal award from Educational Services Commission of New Jersey, NJ State Approved Cooperative Pricing System #65MCESCCPS, Custodial Supplies Bid# MRESC 17/18-47. Date of award: 1/21/20 to 1/22/21 and #65MCESCCPS, Maintenance Equipment Bid# MRESC 18/19-35. Date of award 1/21/20 to 1/22/21

What This Means For Your School Or Town:
As members, school and government agencies skip the bid process The Educational Services Commission of NJ has already done the work for you saving valuable time and staff hours, while providing the best value for your taxpayers!

  1. You do not need 3 quotes before ordering!
  2. You do not need to go out to bid!
  3. You do need to send a signed copy of your purchase order via mail, fax, or email. All purchase orders must reference #65MCESCCPS & the bid number you are using.

For further inofrmation, please contact us at (732) 681-4545.

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