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Embarrassing Stories

Embarrassing Stories From The Restroom

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Many people are uncomfortable using public restrooms. Typically this refers to the fact that they are concerned about germs and disease. That means cleaning managers and their staffs who are meticulous about their jobs can do a lot to ensure a comfortable experience. But public restrooms can also be the source of several embarrassing situations.

The publication Metro, based in the U.K., recently reported on a study that named and ranked people’s most embarrassing moments in public restrooms. Surprisingly, the number one embarrassing moment is something you can control. The rest are pretty much the responsibility of the individual.

• Falling asleep in a stall, 4 percent of respondents said this was most embarrassing.

• Dropping your phone in the toilet, 4 percent

• Somehow getting locked in a restroom or stall and having to be rescued, 5 percent

• Someone in an adjacent cubicle starting a conversation with you, 9 percent

• Clogging the toilet so it does not flush completely,10 percent

• Being physically sick in the restroom, 14 percent

• Entering the wrong gender’s restroom by mistake, 23 percent

• Not locking the door or stall door and someone coming in, 26 percent

• Finding there is no toilet paper in the stall, 58 percent

Another reported embarrassing moment is not very common in the U.S., but apparently happens quite a bit in Europe. “Another embarrassing moment for men is when they walk into a men’s restroom in Europe and find a female attendant in the restroom,” says Klaus Reichardt, CEO and founder of Waterless Co. Inc., makers of waterless urinals and other restroom products.

Reichardt says, this is “very common and accepted throughout Europe and many other parts of the world.”

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