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About Scoles Systems

About Our Mission

To consistently provide our customers with the highest level of service by matching quality sanitary supplies, chemicals, and equipment with superior industry knowledge and training. To work as a partner with our customers to achieve comprehensive facility health.


Our Vision

At Scoles Systems, we strive to be the industry leader in sales, service and training of sanitary supplies, chemicals, and equipment. We will position the company for growth into other markets by empowering our employees with the latest knowledge and tools to succeed. Our strict cost controls will keep our operating expenses in-line enabling us to increase our competitive advantage. Maintaining a flexible market approach is essential. This will enable our sales team to quickly identify the needs of our customers and find products and services to match those needs. We will constantly look to recognize industry trends and adapt our sales and purchasing model as necessary. The company will continually seek to improve upon our procurement process and inventory controls.

Scoles Systems recognizes that our employees are the “life-blood” of our business. We will treat all employees with respect and dignity and foster a work environment that allows for individual upward mobility and professional growth. Without a solid customer base, we can’t achieve our long term goals. As such, we will obsessively strive to protect the integrity of every order. Our goal is to be known as the customer service leader and the overall “Gold Standard” in the Janitorial Supply industry. We will offer the highest quality products and services while maintaining environmental stewardship and create true value for our customers.

Our Values

  • Passion: Coming to work with a passion for the business each and every day.
  • Mutual Respect:  We must respect one another and truly work towards amicable solutions when business needs arise.
  • Integrity: All company employees are expected to exercise integrity at all times. The company’s reputation is only as good as the people behind it!
  • Growth:  Striving to grow as a better employee, service provider, and business.
  • Humility: Understanding that we all have limitations. If you need help, please ASK!
  • Trust: For the company to be successful, we must trust in one another and respect the collective industry knowledge that we possess.

Our Management Team

Take a minute to meet the hard working members of our team who make this company a success.

Phil Scoles

Managing Partner

Matt Scoles

Managing Partner